plans my plans change often so you can message me with an image of the inspo you would like and i can provide a price ^^ my most common plan is my srvr join plan where u join my srvr and ill make a semi-complex crd for you.
pro (plus and standard) crds have a minimum of $5 nitro.
i won't find images or fill in any text content for any free plan.
notes do not rush me. it results in an instant cancellation. i will not make crds for u if u fit my dni. i often do complex designs for free or srvr joins if i'm available but its limited ~ if u've rmved my credits in the past, u're blacklisted from ordering from my services.

examples you can see my examples here! some of them are under different usernames as i've changed my username in the past. feel free to ask me about any crds i've done!reviews i've recently started collecting reviews! you can find them here. i appreciate all of them and thank everyone who hires me <3

fonts some of my favourite fonts i've used!

info click here for info on how to link the direct .mp3 files, personally i think that the discord or glitch method is best. dropbox may or may not work depending on the music player.

music players fixed circlecirclecd + album coverjumping imagepixel + lyrics #1draggablekill billvinylsanriopixel + lyrics #2pixel + lyrics #3expanding